What Is The Difference Between DTF Printer And UV DTF Printer?

With the continuous development of science and technology, printing technology is also constantly improving. As representatives of modern printing technology, DTF printer and UV DTF printer play an important role in their respective fields.

This article will discuss in detail the difference between DTF printers and UV DTF printers, including their printing principles, printing processes, applications, consumables used, and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Printing principle of DTF printer and UV DTF printer

DTF printer, which is a “Direct-to-Film printer”, mainly uses inkjet technology to directly print water-based pigment ink on a special transfer film (DTF film), and then transfers the pattern to various fabrics through thermal transfer technology.

This printing method has the advantages of high efficiency, fast speed, and clear pattern, and is widely used in the field of personalized customization of textiles.

The UV DTF printer combines UV curing technology and DTF printing technology. UV curing technology cures UV ink instantly through UV light irradiation, achieving rapid curing of the pattern.

During the printing process, the UV DTF printer first prints the UV ink on the AB film, then cures the ink through UV light irradiation, allowing the pattern to dry quickly, and finally transfers the pattern to the target object by cutting the AB film.

The application of UV curing technology has significantly improved the printing speed and pattern durability of the UV DTF printer.

Printing process of DTF printer and UV DTF printer

The printing process of the DTF printer

The printing process of the UV DTF printer

Application of DTF printer and UV DTF printer

Application of DTF printer

DTF printer is widely used in the field of personalized customization of textiles such as clothing, shoes and hats, and bags due to its efficient and fast printing characteristics. Whether it is simple text, pattern or complex image, DTF printer can complete it quickly in a high-quality manner.

In addition, DTF printer is also suitable for various fabrics, including pure cotton, polyester fiber, nylon, etc., which provides a broad space for personalized customization of textiles.

Application of UV DTF printer

UV DTF printer is used more often with high pattern durability requirements. Due to the fast curing characteristics of UV ink, the patterns printed by UV DTF printers have higher resistance to water washing, wear, and UV rays. Therefore, UV DTF printers are widely used in packaging, home decoration, retail, and other fields.

In addition, UV DTF printers can also be transferred to hard objects such as plastics, metals, glass, etc., further expanding its application areas.

Consumables used by DTF printer and UV DTF printer

Consumables used by DTF printer

DTF printers mainly use water-based pigment inks, DTF PET films, and hot melt powder as consumables. Water-based pigment inks have the advantages of being environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and easy to clean, and are harmless to the human body and the environment.

In addition, DTF printers use special DTF PET transfer films as printing carriers to achieve pattern transfer and use hot melt powder to enhance the adhesion and color vividness of the pattern.

Consumables used by UV DTF printer

UV DTF printers use UV inks and AB films as consumables. UV ink has fast curing speed, good weather resistance, and bright colors, which can meet occasions with high requirements for pattern durability.

The high-transparency AB film is used as a printing carrier to ensure the perfect transfer of the pattern.

Advantages and disadvantages of DTF printer and UV DTF printer

Advantages and Disadvantages of DTF Printer



Advantages and Disadvantages of UV DTF Printer




In summary, DTF printer and UV DTF printer each have their characteristics and advantages, and you need to weigh them according to your actual needs when choosing.

When high-precision and high-efficiency textile customization is required, DTF printers are a good choice; when you need to print a more durable pattern and apply it on a hard substrate, UV DTF printers are more advantageous.

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