Quality & Performance Redefined
Premium DTF printers with superior quality. Unleash creativity with our advanced DTF printer. Exceptional quality, vibrant colors, limitless possibilities.
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leading in UV printing technology
Experience unmatched precision, versatility, and quality. Explore limitless possibilities, unleash creativity, elevate sticker prints with vibrant colors. Redefine boundaries, maximize productivity.
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Quality & performance redefined
Premium DTF printers with superior quality. Unleash creativity with our advanced DTF printer. Exceptional quality, vibrant colors, limitless possibilities.
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Leading in uv printing technology
Experience unmatched precision, versatility, and quality. Explore limitless possibilities, unleash creativity, elevate sticker prints with vibrant colors. Redefine boundaries, maximize productivity.
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Main Products

DTF Printer/UV DTF Printer/Eco Solvent Printer/UV Printer/Sublimation Printer/Printing Consumables

High-precision DTF printer specially developed for mass production. 9-color printing options with fluorescent colors available.

New designe all-in-one UV DTF printer with more flexibility for instant transfer on more rigid substrates.

Humanized design, low machine failure rate and environmentally friendly large format printing solution.

A UV printer equipped with a precise positioning scanning system can meet the printing needs of small items and high height differences.

KingJet's printing solution

KingJet’s market research and highly focused product research and development that keep pace with the times continue to provide us with competitiveness. We strive to launch every printer that not only satisfies those who experience the final product, but also provides agents with more competitive profit margins, more efficient and professional services and technical support.



Cutting-edge industry technology, producing products with stable performance, durable design and long service life.

Printing Consumable

A strong and stable supply chain enables us to provide printing consumables at very competitive prices to our agency/distribution customers.

Tech-Support and Traning

We offer comprehensive technical consultation, prompt after-sales support, professional training programs, and convenient training resources.


KingJet brand is well-known around the world, and the brand value brings more potential customers and business opportunities to agents.

Marketing Support

3 overseas branch offices, over 36 overseas distributors.

Kingjet Printers Features

Technical Advantages

Our printing equipment incorporates advanced technology, offering features such as ultra-high resolution, precise color reproduction, and high-speed printing to meet the most demanding printing requirements.


Our printing equipment supports printing on various materials, compatible with different ink/dye types. It also offers multiple printing modes and size options to fulfill the comprehensive needs of various industries.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness

Our printing equipment is designed with energy-saving and environmentally friendly features. Through advanced technology and sustainable development design, we provide customers with efficient and eco-friendly printing solutions.


Our printing equipment is easy to operate with a user-friendly interface. Automated functions reduce training costs and user errors, providing an excellent user experience.


Our printing equipment has robust security features, including data encryption, identity authentication, and remote monitoring, ensuring customer information security and device reliability.


Our printing equipment supports flexible accessory and component upgrades, such as paper feeding systems and ink systems, to meet the ever-changing business needs of our customers, laying the foundation for long-term cooperation.

Professional Technicians Service

24-Hour Customer Service Online

1VS1 Bilingual Technician Service

Overseas Offices Provide Localization Services

Lifetime service & one year warranty

About KingJet Printer

KingJet(Guangzhou) Digital Technology Co.,Ltd, 16 years continuous advanced digital printer manufacturer, owns an outstanding brand “KINGJET金捷®”.

With a professional R&D team, we are the first patch R&D DTF printer manufacturer. KingJet guides and walks with the development trend of the industry, we develop and focus on our main production lines and sales of DTF printer, UV printer, solvent printer, sublimation printer, eco solvent printer and inks. By continuously providing stable high-end quality machines & improving our service capabilities.

Unwavering Quality

With 17 years of experience in printer design and R&D, KingJet prioritizes advanced production technology and processes for quality control. We value customer feedback, constantly improve our products, and innovate to meet market demands and enhance user experience.

6*24H Service & Support

KingJet strive to provide prompt responses to customer needs, addressing inquiries and requests in a timely manner. Our technical support team possesses extensive industry experience and expertise, enabling them to deliver accurate guidance and solutions.

Strong Supply Capabilities

6,000 sqm production area, 5 production lines for efficient manufacturing. Complete supply chain management enables one-stop procurement with delivery cycles under 48 hours. Local shipments available in select countries.


The Kingjet printer factory was one of the first batch of R&D manufacturer of DTF. With 15 years of experience in digital printer industry. First of all, our printer body is much more stronger than other supplier, it can sure that printing will be more stable.

Secondly, our machine uses BYHX board. Perhaps you are not familiar with this board, but the BYHX board is the best match for Epson printheads, as it can make printing more stable and let you worry less.

Thirdly, our DTF has the white ink circulation device that reduces the probability of print head blockage and saves maintenance costs. 

The most important thing is that we are a factory with 15 years of experience, so we can not only provide you with high-quality DTF but also support customized machines. We can provide more competitive DTF machines for distributors based on their ideas and implementation.

Fill in your name, email, country, mobile phone number/whatsapp, and the relevant information you want to consult on the homepage of the website or the product details page of the product you are interested in. After we receive your information, we will quickly reply to you within 24 hours.

Firstly, we provide customers with one-to-one technical support and one-to-one after-sales service.

Such as, If you don’t know how to install the machine, or if you encounter some problems when printing, we will set up a WhatsApp group or WeChat group, then invite our professional technicians to the group, and they will guide you how to install the machine and give professional solutions to your problems in time.

Printer with one year guarantee, printheads and consumable parts without guarantee. If you need help, we can provide long-term after-sales service.

Support TT, PayPal, credit card, letter of credit, western union, moneygram, etc.

  • A variety of printing sizes are available for customers to choose from: 60cm/40cm/30cm and a variety of different types of printhead are available for customers to choose from, such as EPSON I3200-U1/EPSON I1600-U1/EPSON XP600, to meet different requirements of different customers for printing width and printing speed.
  • Equipped with white ink circulation stirring system to prevent print head clogging.
  • Lifting ink capping system, fully automatic cleaning and moisturizing system.
  • The two-in-one design of printer and laminating, automatically print and laminate by itself.

It is recommended to use the machine for printing every day. Regarding the maintenance of the machine, we will provide a detailed maintenance manual, and there will also be specialized technology to assist you. The maintenance of the machine is very simple and convenient. If you need it, we can send maintenance manual before you buy it for your advance reference.

Delivery time can be as fast as 3–5 working days.

If the ink and consumables run out, in principle, you can use other brands and buy them locally. However, it is recommended to buy from us or our dealers, because different ink icc configurations are not the same. If you want to achieve the same results at the beginning, it is recommended to use our brand ink.

Currently, we use single-phase power for KingJet DTF printer. You only need to tell us your local single-phase voltage and plug standard, and we will customize machine according to your needs. 110V and 220V voltage are available.

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