High-efficiency UV Curable Ink

High-efficiency UV Ink
Fast curing, shorten printing time, print on various flexible and rigid substrates, suitable for various UV printers, will not clog the nozzle.
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UV-LED Curable Ink

UV curable ink is a special type of ink whose main feature is rapid curing by UV LED light irradiation.

This is because the pigments and dyes in UV ink are specially designed to react chemically under the action of UV light and cure quickly, greatly improving printing efficiency and production speed.


Color: C/M/Y/K/W/V/LC/LM/LK
Capacity: 1L

UV ink main features

uv ink

UV Curable Ink Application

UV curable ink has excellent properties such as good adhesion and color performance, making it capable of displaying excellent visual effects on various materials, such as glass, metal, ceramics, wood, leather, acrylic, and other materials.


UV ink cures quickly and is more scratch-resistant. Unlike traditional inks, UV inks can be printed on a variety of substrates with high-quality color effects.

Yes, it is safe. UV ink has environmental advantages and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which is friendly to the environment.

The lifespan of UV inks is affected by many factors, but with correct printing and appropriate conditions, the printed products can remain colorfast for years.

UV ink can cure quickly and dry immediately, which improves production efficiency. As a result, its price is higher than that of water-based ink or solvent ink.

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