KingJet 1.8m Sublimation Printer For Textile/Fabric

1.8m high-quality, colorful sublimation printer for you to print personalized, fashionable, and eye-catching items, including fashion clothing, home decorations, flags, soft signs, etc.

Printhead: Epson I3200

Printhead QTY: 1/2/3/4

2 Heads Printing Speed: 4pass: 42sqm/h, 6pass: 28sqm/h

Max Print Width: 1800mm 

Color: 4 colors (C, M, Y, K)

RIP Software: maintop, photoprint(optional)

7* 0 hours
Online technical support
1 years
Warranty Lifetime Service
0 sqm
Production area
Dealer market protection

sublimation printer Advantages

Intelligent heating

Three-stage intelligent heating in front, middle and rear, fast printing and drying, improving the adhesion of ink.

Anti-collision device

Dual-track lifting trolley frame prevents damage to the print head and extends its service life.

Three-level pinch roller

Adapts to the thickness of different printing materials and meets various printing needs.

Intelligent control panel

Printing temperature and humidity are clearly visible, and the entire printing process is better controlled.

sublimation printer Main Features

White ink circulation system

White ink is continuously circulated and stirred to avoid damage to the print head and extend the service life.

Automatic take-up device

Print and take up at the same time, reducing manual operation and improving production efficiency.

Aluminum capping system

Automatically clean and moisturize the print head, and protect the print head to avoid damage.

EPSON print head

EPSON original l3200 print head, with fine nozzles and advanced inkjet technology, achieves high-resolution printing.

sublimation printer printing Process

sublimation printer Specification

ProductDye-Sublimation Printer
Model1.8m Sublimation Printer
PrintheadEPSON I3200
Printhead QTY1/2/3/4
2 Heads Printing SpeedOutput (sqm/h)
4 Pass42 sqm/h
6 Pass28 sqm/h
Max Media Width1850mm
Max Print Width1800mm
Ink TypeSublimation ink
Color4 colors (C, M, Y, K)
Ink Supply SystemContinuous ink supply system
Media TypePP, vinyl, light box cloth, flex, canvas, leather, reflective material etc
Heating SystemFront, middle, and rear 3 stages of the heating platform
Drying SystemTriple dry system (hot air +infrared + cold air)
Capping & MoisturizingAuto capping system & moisturizing system
RIP SoftwareMaintop, photoprint (optional)
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 18-32℃, humidity: 46-65%
Machine Size2925*890*1510mm, 210kg
Packing Size3070*280*210mm , 280kg , 1.96cbm

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sublimation printer Applications

4 colors (CMYK) can be selected to be printed on fashion clothing, home decorations, flags, soft signs, etc.


Sublimation printing is a digital printing technology, also known as thermal transfer printing. The working principle is to use heat energy and pressure to transfer dyes to different materials.

Sublimation printer produce prints that are more durable and less prone to fading than inkjet printer.

Sublimation printing transfers the dye into the substrate rather than depositing it on the surface, so the resulting image is more permanent.

Sublimation printing works by converting solid dyes directly into a gas when exposed to high temperatures, and then ejecting the gas onto the print medium.

So when the fabric is heated, the dye sublimates, turns into a gas, and fuses directly into the fabric. When the dye is embedded in the actual fibers, it creates a permanent print that won’t crack or peel over time.

Generally speaking, images printed with sublimation last longer and are less likely to fade, peel or crack. But in reality, there are many factors that affect the duration of images on fabrics, so the lifespan of DTF images may exceed that of sublimation.

Yes, roller heat press is required for sublimation printing, and the image output is better and more durable after being processed by the roller heat press.

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