Eco Solvent Ink

Eco Solvent Ink
Bright colors, realistic images, superior outdoor weather resistance, wear-resistant, not easy to fade, widely used in printing vinyl, outdoor advertising, signage, etc.
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Eco Solvent Ink

eco solvent ink

ECO solvent ink is characterized by environmentally safe, uncoated media, and outdoor durability.

Compared with water-based ink, Eco solvent ink maintains the advantages of high precision in the production of images, while overcoming the disadvantages of water-based ink such as the harshness of the substrate and the inability to produce images that can not be used outdoors.

Compared with solvent-based inks, Eco solvent ink is environmentally friendly and reduces the generation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Color: CMYK
Capacity: 1L

Eco Solvent Ink main features

Eco Solvent Ink Application

Eco solvent ink is widely used in printing advertising, graphic images, outdoor signs, light boxes, indoor advertising, etc. due to its environmentally friendly, outdoor weather resistance, high-precision printing, and other characteristics.


Eco solvent ink is also called eco-friendly ink. eco can be seen as an abbreviation for environmental protection, uncoated media, and outdoor durability.

UV ink and eco-solvent ink each have their own advantages and application scenarios, which need to be considered according to product characteristics, productivity, cost and environmental requirements.

UV ink is fast curing and highly productive, and can be printed on almost all materials, including paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc.

Eco-solvent ink has good outdoor weather resistance, especially suitable for printing outdoor advertising, signs, vinyl, etc., in addition, the price is lower than UV ink.

No. eco solvent ink has excellent outdoor weather resistance and can withstand sunlight, rain and other environmental factors, ensuring that the printed products can maintain bright and high quality for a long time.

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