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KingJet KJ-1601/1801 Large Format Vinyl Printer For Sale

Excellent quality 1.6m/1.8m eco solvent printer with intelligent temperature control and triple drying, especially suitable for printing outdoor advertising, signs, car stickers, etc.

Printhead: KJ-1601/KJ-1801: 1*epson I3200E1

Printing Speed: KJ-1601: 4pass:22sqm/h, 6pass:15sqm/h 

Printing Speed: KJ-1801: 4pass:25sqm/h, 6pass:17sqm/h

Max Print Width: KJ-1601: 1550mm ; KJ-1801: 1800mm 

Color: 4 colors (C, M, Y, K)

RIP Software: maintop, photoprint(optional)

7* 0 hours
Online technical support
1 years
Warranty Lifetime Service
0 sqm
Production area
Dealer market protection

Product Advantages

High performance

Triple drying system(hot air + infrared + cold air) dries quickly, making it possible to print and take up immediately.


Front, middle and rear three-stage intelligent heating system ensures temperature stability and achieves the best printing effect.

High stability

Industrial-grade high-precision platform accurately controls the printing flatness between 0-0.5mm and ensures stable printing.

Wide applicability

1.6m/1.8m printing width, especially suitable for printing billboards, signs, wallpapers, car stickers, canvas, etc.

Product Main Features

Anti-warping clamps

The combined anti-warping clamps keeps the surface of the printing material even and smooth, making printing smooth.

Automatic cleaning system

The nozzle automatically cleans and moisturizes to remove residue or impurities and maintain the best printing condition.

Anti-collision device

Double-rail lifting trolley frame can automatically adjust the printing height to protect the nozzle from collision or damage.

Automatic ink supply system

The white ink is automatically circulated and stirred to ensure smooth ink supply and avoid ink clogging or uneven ink jetting.

Product printing Process

Product Specification

ProductEco solvent printer 
Printhead1*EPSON I3200E1
Printing SpeedOutput (sqm/hr)
4 Pass22 sqm/h25 sqm/h
6 Pass15 sqm/h 17 sqm/h
Max Media Width1600mm1850mm
Max Print Width1550mm1800mm
Ink TypeEco solvent ink
Color4 colors (C, M, Y, K)
Ink Supply SystemContinuous ink supply system 
Media TypePP, vinyl, light box cloth, flex, canvas, leather, reflective material etc
Heating SystemFront, middle, rear 3 stages of heating platform
Drying SystemTriple dry system (hot air +infrared + cold air)
Capping & MoisturizingAuto capping system & moisturizing system
ClampCombined anti-warping clamps
RIP SoftwareMaintop, photoprint(optional)
Working EnvironmentTemperature : 18-32℃, humidity : 46-65%
Machine Size2390*750*1510mm , 173kg2680*750*1320mm , 203kg
Packing Size2475*750*640mm , 230kg , 1.227cbm2800*750*650mm , 260kg , 1.365cbm

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Product Applications

4 colors (cmyk) can be selected to be printed on signs, car stickers, light cloth, canvas, leather, advertising and other materials.

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It is environmentally friendly, has long storage time, has strong adhesion and friction resistance, reduces the loss of printing colors, and has a wide range of printing media.

Equipped with advanced equipment, a variety of intelligent systems, easy to operate, and makes printing faster and more efficient.

With a more advanced curing and drying system, with clearer printing patterns and higher resolution, and can quickly print billboards and car stickers.

Equipped with a high-precision platform and has better printing quality. It is a good helper for large-area outdoor printing.


Requires eco solvent printer, printing materials and eco-solvent ink to be used together.

The printhead used is EPSON I3200E1, all our printheads are original and brand new.

PP, billboards, car stickers, wallpapers, light boxes, background walls, canvas, leather, reflective materials, etc.

Yes, the machine can stop working for a long time, but the printhead needs to be moisturized and cleaned according to the machine maintenance manual to prevent ink from clogging the printhead.

Design pattern – typesetting and printing – transfer pattern to printing material- complete printing

The maximum printing width of KingJet KJ-1601 is 1550mm, and the maximum printing width of KingJet KJ-1801 is 1800mm.

Yes, our technicians provide professionally and patiently online or on-site technical training, and one-on-one technical guidance.

Printer with one year guarantee, printheads and consumable parts without guarantee. If you need help, we can provide long-term after-sales service.

One-stop services

Comprehensive service starting from pre-sale to after-sale to help your business on track.

Free Printing Sample

To show the quality and capability of our printer in satisfying your needs, we will send you a free video demonstration showing its operation. And you can get free samples for consumables.

Fast Delivery

To meet everyone’s order quickly, we have established branches in many places around the world, saving transportation time. Products in stock usually ship within 3-5 days.

Lifetime service

You can enjoy one-year warranty on the main components of our brand machines, lifetime service for the entire machine operation, free after-sales consultation, and 24/7 technical support services.

payment method

In order to meet your various payment needs, we can accept many payment methods, such as TT, PayPal, credit card, letter of credit, western union, moneygram, etc.

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