KingJet KJ-1806D UV Hybrid Printer With 6 pcs I3200 Heads

KJ-1806D UV hybrid printer with 1.8m printing width and 6 EPSON i3200 print heads has a wide range of applications. It can easily print on flat and roll-to-roll materials and is suitable for leather, home decoration, and advertising industries.

Printhead: 6*EPSON I3200-U1 

Printing Speed : 6 pass: 72m², 8 pass: 52m²

Max Print Width: 1800mm


RIP Software : maintop, photoprint (optional)

7* 0 hours
Online technical support
1 years
Warranty Lifetime Service
0 sqm
Production area
Dealer market protection

UV hybrid printer Advantages

High stability

High-strength mesh belt transmission and strong vacuum adsorption ensure accurate printing.

Low loss

Imported drag chain device reduces wire loss and production noise and longer service life.

Efficient drying

Infrared ray and fan drying ensures rapid drying of printing and improves printing efficiency.

Dual-use of roll and sheet

It can print rolls and sheets, one machine can achieve multiple functions.

UV hybrid printer Main Features

Double rail lifting trolley frame

Prevents the frame from collision as well as physically protect the printhead from damage.

Take up and feed up system

Equipped with an industrial grade strong take up and feed up system provide high-efficiency printing.

Elevating aluminum capping system

Automatic cleaning and moisturizing printhead as well as protecting the printhead from damage.

EPSON original printheads

6 EPSON original I3200 printheads, with high-precision and fast printing capabilities.

UV hybrid printer printing Process

UV hybrid printer Specification

ProductUV hybrid printer
Printhead6*EPSON I3200-U1
Printing Speed Output (sqm/h)
6 Pass72m²
8 Pass52m²
Max Media Width1850mm
Max Print Width1800mm
Platform Width500mm
Printhead Height2-30mm above media adjustable
Ink TypeUV ink
Media TypeRoll and sheet materials, leather industry, home decoration industry, advertising industry, suitable materials : leather, KT board, wallpaper, soft, film, car sticker, pvc film, etc.
Curing SystemUV LED water-cooling curing system
Media AdsorptionAdjustable suction air
Capping & MoisturizingAuto capping system & moisturizing system
Optional deviceFront & rear table , positioning pole , auto-height adjustment , electrostatic rod , air expansion shaft
Feed and Take up SystemIndustrial grade strong take up and feed up system
RIP SoftwareMaintop, photoprint (optional)
Operate EnvironmentWinxp, win7, win10
Working EnvironmentTemperature : 18-32℃ , humidity : 46-65%
Machine Size3330*1320*1615 mm , 700kg
Packing Size3900*1150*1550 mm , 830kg

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UV hybrid printer Applications

This UV hybrid printer has colors CMYK and CMYKW can be selected, and it can be printed on soft film, KT board, car stickers, and other materials.

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Environmentally friendly and energy-saving, the ink does not block the screen, dries quickly, and the ink film is wear-resistant and water-resistant.

Equipped with a high-precision platform and three-stage intelligent drying, printing is more efficient and convenient, and it is suitable for printing large-area advertisements and car stickers.

Efficient UV ink supply and curing system, strong adhesion and clear printing pattern, it is an ideal choice for printing soft film materials.

Visual positioning combined with UV curing technology to achieve precise positioning and can print on various rigid substrates.


The printhead used is EPSON I3200-U1 and all of our printhead is original and brand new.

The computer supports winXP, win7, and win10 systems.

Printer with one year guarantee, printheads and consumable parts without guarantee. If you need help, we can provide long-term after-sales service.

Firstly, we provide customers with one-to-one technical support and one-to-one after-sales service. such as, If you don’t know how to install the machine, or if you encounter some problems when printing, we will set up a WhatsApp group or WeChat group, then invite our professional technicians to the group, and they will guide you how to install the machine and give professional solutions to your problems in time.

KingJet KJ-1806D UV hybrid printer is a combination of roll-to-roll advertising machine and UV flatbed machine. It can be used for both rolling and printing of leather, KT board, car stickers, PVC soft film, etc.

The maximum printing width is 1800mm.

Yes, the machine can stop working for a long time, but the printhead needs to be moisturized and cleaned according to the machine maintenance manual to prevent ink from clogging the printhead.

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