Good 3D texture, good feel, high transparency, clear transfer, easy to stick and peel, scratch and wear resistance, not limited by materials and shapes.
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UV DTF Transfer AB Film

UV DTF AB Film is a transparent or translucent film material, usually composed of A film and B film, which have special coatings and are usually used as a transfer carrier to transfer the pattern to the target object.

It is mainly used in UV DTF printing technology to make various product labels, advertising logos, personalized decorations, etc. with gloss, durability, and customized design to achieve high-quality pattern transfer.


Size: 30cm/60cm
Types: A film, B film, gold film, silver film

UV DTF AB film main features

AB film

How To Use UV DTF AB Film For Printing

Step 1:Design the pattern

Step 2:Print the pattern on the A film

Step 3:Laminate the B film onto the A film

Step 4:Cut the AB film pattern

Step 5:Tear off the A film

Step 6:Stick the pattern on the object

Step 7:Tear off the B film

Step 8:Product transfer is completed

UV DTF AB film applications

UV DTF AB Film is widely used and can be used to make various advertising logos, clothing labels, personalized decorations, household items, etc., such as plastics, acrylic, glass, ceramics, metals, and other materials, greatly improving the added value and personalization of products.


First, design the pattern, print the pattern on the A film, then laminate the B film onto the A film, then cut the AB film pattern, tear off the A film, stick the pattern on the object, press the pattern gently, and finally tear off the B film.

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