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KingJet KJ-A30 A3 DTF Printer For Business Beginner

The newly designed A3 DTF printer is equipped with the popular EPSON head-XP600 head. A DTF printer with super high cost-effective and low trial cost for business beginner.

Printhead: XP600

Printing Speed: 1.2sqm/h

Printing Width: 330mm

Color: C, M, Y, K, W 

Printing software: USB 2.0

7* 0 hours
Online technical support
1 years
Warranty Lifetime Service
0 sqm
Production area
Dealer market protection

Product Advantages

Intelligent temperature control oven

Intelligent and efficient heating, fast temperature rise, even heating, and hot melt powder solidifies instantly.

Convenient operation

Intuitive working temperature display, freely adjust the speed of powder and shaking powder, and better control the printing effect.

Flexible and efficient

The machine occupies a small area and has an A3 printing width, enabling continuous printing for 24 hours.

Environmentally friendly ink

DTF ink is highly environmentally friendly, green and pollution-free, and does no harm to the human body or the environment.

Product Main Features

White ink circulation system

Through the continuous circulation of ink, it prevents nozzle clogging and improves printing efficiency.

Automatically shake powder

It can automatically shake powder during the printing process without manual operation, which is more labor-saving and convenient.

Automatic take-up system

When printing is completed, it can be automatically rolled up to reduce manual output.

Heating device

The machine has a built-in heating wire that provides stable and uniform heating temperature, allowing the powder to dry quickly.

Product printing Process

Product Specification

ProductA3 DTF printer
Printing Speed1.2㎡/h
Printing precision8 Pass, 720*1440dpi
Printing Width330mm
ColorC, M, Y, K, W
Ink TypeTextile printing ink
Printing softwareRiin10.5, photoprint, maintop
Print InterfaceUSB 2.0
Operation SystemWin10, Win11
Ink Supply SystemColor ink siphon ink supply, white ink intelligent cycle
Media TypePET film
Capping & MoisturizingAuto capping system & moisturizing system
Operating Environment15-35℃
Package Dimension790*450*460mm (39kgs)
ProductA3 powder shaker
Media Width0-380mm
FunctionsTemperature control, independent control of powder shaking switch,  powder spreading motor with gravity sensor
Heating FunctionInfrared carbon fiber heating tube
Drying Tunnel Length400mm
Take-Up SystemAutomatic induction take-up
Power1.5 KW
Machine Dimension570*630*630mm(26kgs)
Package Dimension510*610*680mm(40kgs)
Powder shaker is optional

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Product Applications

CMYK+W 5 colors can be applied to more than 90% of fabrics, regardless of color, and can be produced in batches.

Related Products

No nozzle clogging, less dosage, Print clearly, available in CMYK+W and fluorescent color.

High temperature resistant, washable, high color fastness, available in black powder, white powder, medium powder and fine powder.

Provide various PET films, such as hot/cold/instant peeling film; single/double side film; A3/30/60cm pet film; gold/silver/glitter/gold foil PET film.

High precision DTF printer specially developed for mass production. 9-color printing options with fluorescent colors available.


Requires DTF printer, DTF ink, PET film, and DTF hot-melt powder to be used together.

DTF: Direct to Film; 

HTV: Heat transfer Vinyl;

DTF is different with HTV and screen printing.

Compared with screen printing:

1. DTF has much higher resolution 3200dpi;

2. DTF does not need to make template sample like screen printing; meanwhile DTF can do much more complicated pattern printing work, which screen printing cannot.

3.DTF can save labor. Even just one person can do all the printing. And Compared with HTV, DTF has much more wide application: any fabric which can stand 170℃ heat press temperature can be transferred by DTF, like cotton, T-shirts, jeans, canvas, sweatshirts, polyester, etc. Meanwhile DTF don’t need to cut like HTV, which is very convenient for transfer and save time.

Any fabric which can stand 170℃ heat press temperature can be transferred by DTF, like cotton, T-shirts, jeans, canvas, sweatshirts, polyester, etc.

Print cost for 1 sqm transfer fabric pattern is about 1-2 USD, and about 0.07-0.1usd for A4 size Printing.

It is recommended to use the machine for printing every day. Regarding the maintenance of the machine, we will provide a detailed maintenance manual, and there will also be specialized technology to assist you. The maintenance of the machine is very simple and convenient. If you need it, we can send maintenance manual before you buy it for your advance reference.

Print the designed pattern on the PET film, then evenly sprinkle hot melt powder on the pattern, melt it at high temperature and then dry it, cut the PET film, and heat-press the pattern onto various types of clothing through heat press, and then you can complete the clothing printing!

The printhead used in our Kingjet DTF printer is EPSON XP600 and all of our printhead is original and brand new. 

Under normal wear and standard washing operations, DTF print can usually withstand approximately 50 to 100 washing cycles in accordance with the international washing standard.

Firstly, we provide customers with 1 year one-to-one technical support and one-to-one after-sales service. such as, If you don’t know how to install the machine, or if you encounter some problems when printing, we will set up a WhatsApp group or WeChat group, then invite our professional technicians to the group, and they will guide you how to install the machine and give professional solutions to your problems in time.

Printer with one year guarantee, printheads and consumable parts without guarantee. If you need help, we can provide long-term after-sales service.

One-stop services

Comprehensive service starting from pre-sale to after-sale to help your business on track.

Free Printing Sample

To show the quality and capability of our printer in satisfying your needs, we will send you a free video demonstration showing its operation. And you can get free samples for consumables.

Fast Delivery

To meet everyone’s order quickly, we have established branches in many places around the world, saving transportation time. Products in stock usually ship within 3-5 days.

Lifetime service

You can enjoy one-year warranty on the main components of our brand machines, lifetime service for the entire machine operation, free after-sales consultation, and 24/7 technical support services.

payment method

In order to meet your various payment needs, we can accept many payment methods, such as TT, PayPal, credit card, letter of credit, western union, moneygram, etc.

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