KingJet KJ-R001G Single Pass UV Printer For Cylinder Items

Fully automatic digital bottle cylinder UV printer, equipped with Ricoh G5i print head, the image printing is clear, and the printing speed can reach 45s/piece.

Printhead: Ricoh G5i-3H

Printing Speed : 1pc/45s

Printing Diameter: 40-150mm

Printing Length: 270mm

Color: CMYK+W+V

RIP Software : RIPrint, onyx (optional)

7* 0 hours
Online technical support
1 years
Warranty Lifetime Service
0 sqm
Production area
Dealer market protection

Product Advantages

High precision

Equipped with Ricoh G5i grayscale high-precision printing technology has high printing efficiency, and it only takes at least 45 seconds to print a cylinder.


It can print cylinders such as wine bottles, water cups, and PET bottles, and can also make customized solutions for special fixtures and ultra-large diameter products.

Three-layer printing

Color layer + white ink layer + varnish layer, the printing pattern is clear and bright, showing a 3D visual effect.

High performance

Independently developed rotary printing system, 360-degree rotating cylinder can be printed seamlessly to achieve the best printing effect.

Product Main Features

Efficient curing

LED-UV lamp is used to dry and solidify the ink instantly, with strong adhesion and saving printing time.

RIP software

Equipped with RlPrint, onyx (optional), with rich color management and image processing functions.

Convenient operation

Intuitive operation buttons enable one-click operation of the entire printing process.

Ink supply system

The white ink is circulated and stirred to ensure stable ink fluidity and obtain good printing quality.

Product printing Process

Product Specification

ProductHigh speed cylinder UV Printer
PrintheadRicoh G5i-3H
StationSingle station
Printing Speed1pc/45s
Ink TypeUV LED ink  
Printing Diameter40-150mm
Printing Length270mm
Max Spray Strength15mm
Media TypeWine bottles, water glasses, thermos cups, lotion bottles, PET bottles, cream bottles etc. and other cone & cylinder products. (can be applied to transparent materials)
Drying SystemUV LED curing system
RIP SoftwareRIPrint, onyx (optional)
Power Requirement220V/1500W
Operate EnvironmentTemperature : 18-32℃ , humidity : 46-65%
Machine Size1300*890*1575mm, 450kg
Packing Size1540*1220*1750mm, 500kg , 3.410cbm

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Product Applications

6 colors (cmyk+w+v) can be printed on wine bottles, water cups, thermos cups, cans and other cylindrical products.

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Environmentally friendly, with little pollution, the ink does not block the screen, has fast drying speed and consumes less energy.

Equipped with multiple high-efficiency systems, two sets of nozzles can be printed at the same time, achieving high-speed, high-quality production and high overall performance.

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Equipped with an integrated intelligent control system to monitor and adjust the entire printing process, it has wide applicability and can print glass, wood, cylinders and other materials.


The printhead used is Richo G5i and all of our printhead is original and brand new.

The supported printing width is 40-150mm, and the printing length is 270mm.

Firstly, we provide customers with 1 year one-to-one technical support and one-to-one after-sales service. such as, If you don’t know how to install the machine, or if you encounter some problems when printing, we will set up a WhatsApp group or WeChat group, then invite our professional technicians to the group, and they will guide you how to install the machine and give professional solutions to your problems in time.

Wine bottles, water cups, thermos cups, PET bottles, essential oil bottles, cones, cylinders, etc.

No, it does not harmful to human. It uses uv ink, which is friendly to the environment.

Printer with one year guarantee, printheads and consumable parts without guarantee. If you need help, we can provide long-term after-sales service.

It is recommended to use the machine for printing every day. Regarding the maintenance of the machine, we will provide a detailed maintenance manual, and there will also be specialized technology to assist you. The maintenance of the machine is very simple and convenient. If you need it, we can send maintenance manual before you buy it for your advance reference.

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