KingJet KJ-604 Powderless DTF Printer

The new powderless DTF printer (no powder DTF printer) uses glue instead of powder, which is more environmentally friendly. It is a printing solution that solves all the needs of clothing manufacturers and designers. It is an artifact to help business expansion.

Printhead QTY : 3/4

Printhead: EPSON I3200-A1

3 Head Printing Speed: 4pass: 7.5sqm/h; 6pass: 5sqm/h; 8pass: 4sqm/h

4 Head Printing Speed: 4pass: 15sqm/h; 6pass: 10sqm/h; 8pass: 8sqm/h

Max Print Width: 680mm

Color: 5 colors+glue (C, M, Y, K, W+G)

RIP Software: maintop, photoprint, CADlink (optional)

7* 0 hours
Online technical support
1 years
Warranty Lifetime Service
0 sqm
Production area
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powderless DTF printer Advantages

Strong stretchability

Without excessive powder, the ink adheres more firmly to the printable surface, and the print is more stretchable and flexible.

Environmental protection

Replacing the traditional powder mode with glue reduces smoke production and is more environmentally friendly.

Enhanced Vividness

Eliminating powder smear allows ink to transfer more clearly, enhancing the color vibrancy and clarity of printed graphics

High efficiency

No need to shake powder, the printing process is simpler, and the printing speed is 20% higher than before.

no powder DTF printer Main Features

Oil drain port

The upgraded oil drain port can collect waste oil produced by printing and solve the problem of its flowing everywhere.

Mesh belt platform

Independent suction control front and rear mesh belt platform to ensure the printing process is smooth and stable.

Intelligent digital control panel

Multiple operating languages can be selected to meet the printing needs of different countries.

White ink circulation system

The white ink is continuously circulated and stirred to avoid damage to the nozzle and extend its service life..

powderless DTF printer (DTF without powder) printing Process

powderless DTF Printer Specification

ProductPowderless DTF printer
ModelKJ-604 powderless DTF printer
PrintheadEPSON I3200-A1
Printhead QTY3/4
Printing SpeedOutput (sqm/h)
3 Heads Printing Speed4pass:7.5sqm/h ; 6pass:5sqm/h ; 8pass:4sqm/h
4 Heads Printing Speed4pass:15sqm/h ; 6pass:10sqm/h ; 8pass:8sqm/h
Max Media Width730mm/28.74″
Max Print Width680mm/26.77″
Ink TypeWaterbased pigment ink
Color5 colors+glue (C, M, Y, K, W+G)
Ink Supply SystemContinuous ink supply system
White Ink CycleEquipped
Media TypePowderless PET film
Media Thickness1mm
Heating SystemIntelligent heating & drying system
Feed & Take-up SystemEquipped
Capping & MoisturizingAuto capping system & moisturizing system
RIP SoftwareMaintop, photoprint, CADlink (optional)
Input PowerAC110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 350W-8KW
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 18-32℃, humidity: 46-65%
Printer Size1850*795*1600mm, 172kgs
Dryer Size2305*1092*1100mm, 270kgs
Printer Packing Size2060*890*790mm, 217kgs/1.45cbm
Dryer Packing Size2400*1120*1136mm, 330kgs/3.05cbm

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no powder DTF printer Applications

CMYK+W 5 colors can be applied to more than 90% of fabrics, regardless of color, and can be produced in batches.

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No nozzle clogging, less dosage, Print clearly, available in CMYK+W and fluorescent color.

Provide various PET films, such as hot/cold/instant peeling film; single/double side film; A3/30/60cm pet film; gold/silver/glitter/gold foil PET film.

Equipped with the popular EPSON Head-XP600 head. A DTF printer with super high cost-effective and low trial cost for business beginner.

It is suitable for smaller size printing. It adopts an industrial-grade high-precision platform and the printing surface is flatter.


Requires printer, dryer, DTF ink, glue, and PET film for use.

Using glue instead of hot melt powder is more environmentally friendly and the printing is more vivid.

Design pattern – Printing – Drying (no need to shake powder) – Heat press transfer – Finished product.

No, the powderless DTF printer does not require a powder shaker and hot melt powder, which greatly reduces production costs.

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