6 Major Features Of KingJet Powderless DTF Printer

In pursuing sustainable development, the printing industry also faces an urgent need for transformation and upgrading. Traditional printing methods are often accompanied by a large amount of resource consumption and environmental pollution, which makes it particularly important to find a new type of efficient and environmentally friendly printing technology.

KingJet also keeps up with the needs of the times and launches a new generation of powderless DTF printer (powder-free DTF printer / no powder DTF / DTF without powder).

With its unique advantages and characteristics, it is gradually promoting the development of the printing industry. So, what is KingJet’s powderless DTF printer like? What are the main features? This article will answer:

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KingJet powderless DTF printer/powder-free DTF printer

Powderless DTF printer is a new environmentally friendly digital printing technology. Its characteristics are that compared with traditional DTF printing, powderless DTF (Direct to Film) printing does not use hot melt powder during the printing process, that is, there is no need to sprinkle powder, shake powder and other steps, which simplifies the operation process and avoids the problem of hard and airtight pattern caused by the use of hot melt powder in traditional DTF printing. For more detailed no powder dtf printer details, please refer to this article “KingJet-powderless-dtf-printer/”

6 Major Features Of KingJet Powderless DTF Printer

Environmentally friendly

DTF printing requires a large amount of hot melt powder for curing transfer. The glue mode used in powderless DTF printing does not require any powder during the printing process compared to the traditional DTF powder mode, which reduces the generation of waste or the emission of harmful substances and is more environmentally friendly. Hence, this environmentally friendly feature is also more competitive in the printing market.

High efficiency

No powder DTF printing reduces the powder shaking process, and the printing operation process is simpler. It only takes three steps: printing-high temperature drying-transfer printing to complete T-shirt printing.

This printing method can quickly process large-volume orders, which is beneficial for large-scale and urgent production. At the same time, our powderless DTF machine can print 20 square meters of patterns per hour, which is 20% faster than similar DTF machines.

In addition, compared with traditional printing methods, it also does not require cumbersome processes such as plate making and plate exposure, which greatly shortens the production cycle.

It also supports mass production and personalized customization, which can meet the needs of different customers and improve production efficiency.


Powder-free DTF printing uses glue instead of powder to give the printed products good breathability. Since there is no need to use DTF hot melt powder, the printing layer is thinner and will not affect the material’s breathability.

This also gives powderless DTF printing a unique advantage in the printing of textiles, leather, and other materials, which can maintain the comfort and functionality of the raw materials.

High quality

The powderless DTF printer uses the latest shake-free powder technology and is used with matching drying and special PET films. It can print colorful and durable patterns on a variety of materials. More innovative than traditional DTF printing.

In addition, due to the elimination of powder coating, the ink can be transferred more clearly, thereby enhancing the color vividness and clarity, making your design more lifelike and meeting the demand for high-quality product printing.

Reduce costs

Powderless DTF printing has significant advantages in cost control. First, by eliminating the need for excessive powder application, powderless DTF printers significantly reduce production costs. Secondly, powderless DTF printer support mass production and personalized customization and can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of different customers, reducing inventory costs.

In addition, this printing solution also saves workspace and maintenance costs. This cost-saving feature makes it an attractive choice for companies that want to maximize profit margins.

Durable and long-lasting

Another significant advantage of DTF without powder printing is the improved durability of printed products, stronger stretchability, wear resistance, and non-fading.

Without using too much powder, the printed layer can be closely combined with the surface of the material to form a solid protective layer that can effectively resist daily wear and UV exposure, thereby achieving a longer-lasting and more resilient print.


The many features of KingJet powderless DTF printers show excellent competitiveness in the printing industry. It not only meets the market’s demand for environmentally friendly, efficient, and high-quality printing but also brings significant cost advantages to enterprises. It is an ideal choice for any printing company.

In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous growth of market demand, powderless DTF printers are expected to become the mainstream equipment in the printing industry, leading the industry in a more green, efficient, and high-quality direction.

These new and versatile DTF printers can also take your business to new heights and help you maintain a strong competitive advantage.

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